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* Prices indicated are minimum charges. Complex garments, delicate materials, decorations and trimmings require special care and will incur  additional charges.


Some important information:

1. Articles with beads, sequins, laces and other accessories will require extra processing charges.
2. Urgent Service (1 day requirement) charges will be additional 100% Cut off time before driver collects; To be returned after 6pm on the following day.
3. Express Services (2 to 3 days requirement ) charges will be additional 50%.
4. Heavy starch Services additional charges of $2.00
5. Pressing only Services 70% of Drycleaning prices indicated.
6. Removal / Installation of curtains will be charged at $30 per window panel.
7. Home collection services available for $40 and above. Transport charge of S$5 applied


** Please call us for prices of non-standard items.